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What is Detoxification ?

Detoxification is a Effective Fat Loss Kickstarter, Our metabolism  goes down when the toxicity is increasing in our body, which is one of the reason why people are not able to achieve the fat loss Effectively. When the toxicity is higher you will not be able to control your craving, get frequent headache, inconsistent in your diet, constipation and digestion issues, Bloating, Sudden Weight Increase, mood swings, low motivation. 

So Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver. Additionally, it can refer to the period of withdrawal during which an organism returns to homeostasis after long-term use of chemicals and addictive substance (Eg: Sweets, Chemicals in foods, preservatives, alcohol, ,smoking, and drugs)


Your detox mode starts when you are in the fasting for continuously more than 12 hours. If you chew any solid food, then immediately your digestive system will immediately come out of detox mode and switch its mode to digestion. During this detox course, we should try to maintain your digestive system in detox mode for 72 hours for Optimum result.

What you will get in the Course?

  • · You will lose upto 3 to 4 kg weight loss
  • · You will learn about how you can cleanse of your toxics after any party or function.
  • · You will get 3 Days Course Completion Certificate
  • · You will get complete Diet & Nutrition Document
  • · You will get 1 Customized Diet chart prepared for you to achieve your goal as a reward for completing the detox successfully        

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"About the Creator"

Vikash Kasinathan - The World First "Psychology Based Fitness Transformation Program Creator" He Broke to psychological reason of why people are not able to stay consistent in Health & Fitness Routine, and He is on a mission to  help people to program their subconscious Mind to Live Healthy for Lifetime. 

​For the Cause- He was felicitated by Josh Talk & Rotary Club international for making a tremendous change in people life for the mental and physical health. 

​Detox Program is one of his Finest creation to help people to kick start their fitness journey in very effective way.  So far 1000's of people have completed the detox program under his guidance and achieved the great mental clarity and physical balance. 

Terms & Conditions

* This is not a Medical treatment nor we are promising any solution for medical issues. This is just cleansing concept to remove the toxics from the body.

* If you have any serious medical conditions, we always suggest you to consult with your doctor before proceeding with this program. 

* You may get dehydrated or get low on BP if you are not following the protocols properly, so we strongly suggest you to drink enough water and nutritious juices throughout the day during this cleansing process. 

* If you are taking any medications, kindly get consent with your doctor before proceeding. 

if you are getting any  negative, we suggest you to inform us as early as possible to understand your condition. Live Fit Life or any member of this company will not be responsible, if you exceeds the time to inform to us on time.